Heart 〜英語バージョン〜
作詞:森 ただひろ  作曲:山田 浩貴  訳詞:松崎 俊彦

I believe that I can see you again
I don't want to take you to the part
Some day we will find the way again
Then we can call it our own "start"

Anytime please come back to me again
And don't forget I'm thinking 'bout you
Shall we start searching for the dream again?
And make it true with tiny hands of yours

Even though the rain is hard
I don't mind, I will take your heart
'Cause there's no rain never stop, so
i'll keep on trusting you

As long as you could be my angel
I won't stop my waiting for your love till that time
There is nothing to be completed
But I'd like to give you my word and my heart